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PostSubject: Announcement   Announcement Icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 11:06 pm

TKHL will officially be starting soon this week.

Just some general things.

- All Matches will be played in TEAM GAMES. 4v4
- If the match cannot be played at the scheduled time, then first wait for the other team to try to get a fourth on or invite a free agent. If the team can do neither and tried, then the match can be rescheduled between the two GM's. If the team does not try to get a fourth or an available free agent, then the other GM can take the game as a forfeit if he wants.
- Bad sportsmanship/cheating in anyway will result in suspensions
- Don't be a cancer and argue with your teammates. You cannot leave your team unless you were cut by your GM. Even then, if the GM has cut you for bad behavior to teammates, you will be suspended from the league.
- Games will be scheduled around MKL games to allow every player the chance to play.
- The jersey colors in games must be two completely different colors.

Good luck. Let's have a good season.

Btw Lake Titicaca Negros = Swiss Army Warriors for now.
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